The Smith Family

The Smith Family
April 2008

Wilderness at the Smokies

Friday, December 12, 2008

The last time I was at Jessica's house, we were all sitting around eating pizza and watching The Wizard of Oz. This was Hannah's first time to see this movie. The following pic is the reaction she had to the scene where Ms. Gulch takes Toto away from Dorothy. She was soooo mad! It was hilarious. While we were there, Uncle Chris took Jagger with him to feed the horses so of course he had to ride one. Yes, I know he needs a haircut. You can definitly not see his eyebrows in this pic! Ok-last one. I was giving Jagger a bath, and he asked for bubbles. I told him we did not have any bubbles. He said, "You have that." (Pointing to the shampoo.) I explained to him it was shampoo for his hair. His response..."But it makes bubbles." Yes, it does make bubbles! Could you have said no? Look at that face.

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