The Smith Family

The Smith Family
April 2008

Wilderness at the Smokies

Monday, August 25, 2008

Potty Days

I have never wished for a job as much as I did last week. Who potty trained my older ones, and where are they now? Now that it has been almost a week since the first day, it is getting easier. But i am still so tired of sitting in the bathroom!! I feel like that is all we do all day long. It has definitly been an experience. He made a "snake" the first day, and now that is all he wants to do is make "snakes"! I could really use a break. The boys are doing really well in school. They have made several friends here in the neighborhood, and are really happy. THIS IS THE BLOG I THOUGHT I POSTED BEFORE. I HAD TO ADD IT ANYWAY BECAUSE THE WHOLE SNAKE BIT WAS PRETTY FUNNY. ALTHOUGH THEY ARE NOW SNAKES AND DOGS!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

OK-Since it has been almost a year since I have posted anything, I am going to try once again. This time I am really, really going to do better! As most of you know, we have relocated to Bowling Green, KY. Even though I really miss Hattiesburg, BG really is a nice place to live-so far. I am starting to find my way around so we are not getting lost every time we leave the house anymore. Yesterday was the first day of school for the boys. Jordan is now in the fifth grade which is so hard to believe, and Jackson started Kindergarten. He was so excited. I really don't think he slept much the night before because Jordan told me that Jackson woke him up before the alarm went off. He was dressed and downstairs in no time! Jordan wanted to ride the bus so of course Jackson wanted to as well. I practically begged Jackson all day and night to let me take him on his first day. Even that morning while we waited for the bus, I told him I could still take him to school and walk him to his class and all that. You know what he said? "Maybe tomorrow mom." So he got on the bus, and he did not even wave bye. I thought I was going to cry. Then I worried how his day was going all day. I wasn't sure what time the bus would be home so I waited by the window for almost an hour and then outside in the heat for another 20 mins because it was running late. Finally, it arrived. I was so excited to hear how his first day went, but when I asked, all he said was "Not good." He said a little boy "probably 4 or 5" choked him like this, and then proceeded to show me how. I asked him why the boy did that, and his response was hilarious. "Well, I thought it would be funny to call them names, you know, I thought they would laugh." Yes, that would be our Jackson. Pighead was the name of choice, you know, along with cowhead, horsehead, etc. Well, at least he went back this morning. Let's hope today goes better.

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