The Smith Family

The Smith Family
April 2008

Wilderness at the Smokies

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Smith Family Update

I am so sorry that once again it has been months. My spirits seem to be lifting. The weather is nicer...well not today with all the rain and tornado warnings, but it has been nice. We seem to be settling well here in Hendersonville. Jackson and Jagger are playing soccer and loving it. Jackson is definitly our sports player. I have to tell you this because he makes me tell everyone. Last Monday night at practice the coach put 5 on 1. And the one WON! He is good. I would say that even if he wasn't mine! Jagger has moved on from his dragon. We don't hear much about him anymore. At least Lion Warrior is here to keep him company. And just today Dr. Claiborne came by to play with him and Evan. Jordan is doing very well. Just coming off a 4 week grounding for having 4 C's (a couple to close to D range). His progress reports all grades but one has improved. Wish I could say the same about his attitude. Why does he think he is grown? Better yet, why does he think he knows more than we do? URGGG! On a different note, we have added another member to our family! He is a red eared slider turtle. I feel so smart. I had to look that up by pictures. He is so tiny. Bert found him at the dealership when he was leaving last night. He won't eat right now, but all we had was lettuce. Maybe he doesn't like lettuce. Now we have to make him a home...I am pretty sure he can not live forever in the extra large ziplock container bowl he is in now. I guess a turtle is better than a lizard or snake or even a dog right now. So that about wraps it up. See...nothing really happens around here, so you haven't missed much. I won't even promise to do better this time. When I finally take the time to read the manual to my new camara, I will try to post some new pics. Until then, take care and know that I do miss you all and think about you often. Now on to more pressing things like laundry and dinner...YAY!!

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