The Smith Family

The Smith Family
April 2008

Wilderness at the Smokies

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jagger turns 3!!!

Jagger turned 3 on Saturday. He had lots of phone calls wishing him Happy Birthday, and he thought he was big stuff. Although some people did not bother calling, but I will not mention there names. They know who they are. Let it go-no reason to harbor ill feelings. We did cake for him on Sat, and his party was Sunday at Chuck E Cheese. Now for weeks he said he wanted to have his party at CEC after I finally convinced him we could not have it at Lisa's. (I know-Lisa is the bomb. My kids think she hung the moon. Well, she did so I guess I understand.) Anyway-the day after I booked the party at CEC, we planned to go get tokens so we could stock up for the party. All through the mall, Jagger talked about how CEC was his friend and he was going to give him a hug and a high five, etc. This goes on for a good 45 min. When it came time to go in to CEC, I explained to Jagger that we were getting tokens for the party and leaving. I was trying to avoid a meltdown. So we go in and I see CEC standing at the entrance with the girl who stamps your hand. Obviously, Jagger did not because when we got right up on him is when he noticed---and had a major meltdown. CEC had to leave before he would calm down. Now, at this point I have already made a non-refundable deposit. I convince him that this is where we are having the party and he eventually forgets his fear of the mouse as do I. Until Sunday, that is. The party started out great. All our friends were there, and we were having a wonderful time. After 45 minutes of play time, it is time to eat pizza, sing happy birthday, and cut the cake. Looking back now, I clearly remember the hostess telling me that CEC would come out to sing the Birthday song. Let me just say, it was not good. He cried and almost pushed Sam out of his seat trying to get away. He would not let Bert put him down or get near him. Finally, the mouse leaves and all is well again....until about an hour later. Jagger runs from one end of CEC to the other screaming once again. He said that CEC was trying to get him. We were there for 2 and 1/2 hours, and I only recall seeing CEC twice. I am pretty sure that is because of the reaction my child had toward him both times. Needless to say, Jagger did not want to sleep in his bed because he thought CEC would get him. We had long conversations about how none of us could be the mouse's friend, and the metal that he received at his party was given to each of us only after we agreed to beat CEC up. I know-scarred for life at 3 years old.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Yes-I am still here!

Okay-I know it has been awhile once again, but life just seems to have a way of doing that. You know-flying by. I had a great time when I spent that week with Lisa. We just seem so alike. Staying at her house is like being at home-except a lot less work!! It was really nice to just get to be there. Don't get me wrong. We were crazy busy. Her youngest sister, Lillian, had her sweet, precious baby girl while I was there. It was great to get to be there for that. I was so hoping Lacy would come up so I could see her as well, but that did't work out. I sure do miss you, Lacy. Laiken and Jack are getting so big. Well, they all grow up too fast. I got the chance to go back to Memphis this past weekend. When I saw Savana, it was all I could do not to cry. She seemed so big even though it had only been 5 weeks. Okay-on to less depressing things....Since the last time I wrote, here are a few things that have been going on. *Jagger found his eyebrows! He told Bert that he didn't have any of "those" (pointing to Bert's eyebrows) so Bert took him into the bathroom to show him that he did indeed have eyebrows. I know-the kids hair has been so long all his life he did not even know he had eyebrows. He was amazed to say the least. *Jackson turned 6 years old. Can you believe it because I can not! Just seems like yesterday. He had a Halloween party at Jessica's. He seemed to have lots of fun. He had a pinata and a pumkin cake that Lisa and I made. It was really cool. He got lots of presents and $102 so he was really pumped. *Jordan has really pulled his conduct grade up. He seems to be doing better. He is growing so fast too. Only 2 years and 3 more months, and we will be dealing with a teenager. How scary is that? You all can start praying for me now! Well, that is all I can think of for now. I know we have been much busier than that, and I am sure when I start going through all the pics, I will have more to add.

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