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The Smith Family
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today is a great day!

I just finished a scrapbook. I am so excited that it is finally done. Now I can finally start working on 2007 family album. Don't laugh. I know I am way behind, but it feels great to have accomplished one finally!! Jordan is at his friend, Bo's house. He has been grounded for 2 weeks so he was inching to get out of the house. Jackson just left to spend the night with his friend, Jack. Jagger is napping so it is almost like having the house to myself!! We still have been very busy. It has rained a little, but it has been pretty too. Jackson came home sick on Thursday. But he hasn't been sick since I picked him up that morning. Go figure. I am so ready for spring break. One more week. We are going to Hattiesburg for a few days, and I am super excited about that. We are spending the rest of the week in Memphis with Lisa. I am ready to see how much Savana has grown. I know she won't remember me, but I am praying she at least likes me enough to let me hold her and change her and bathe her and play with her and feed her and everything else! I am ready to see my grandma and Hannah too. They just got back from Texas with my mom. My grandma sounded so good on the phone. Not worn out or anything. That makes me happy. Well, I am going to go get started on my next scrapbook while Jagger is still napping. Who knows...maybe I will finish the next one too. Today is such a great day!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Wow! A whole month has past. I guess that is what I get for bragging about blogging once a week. This month has really flown by. I am sick every other week due to all this crazy Kentucky weather. 80 degrees one day, 3 inches of snow the next. The past week though has been really beautiful. We played at the park and outside everyday. The boys were out of school Thursday and Friday (they should have used these days to make up snow days if you ask me!) so everyone enjoyed it. We went on a hike today. We planned on ending up at the river, but we never made it. I need to tell Ashley that when she suggest things like this, she should give more details like you go way past Kroger. I don't think Bert was very happy about it, but lesson learned-we will drive to the river next time. At least we can say we have hiked through the cemetery to Kroger if anyone ever ask! We read a book tonight from my sweet friend, Tracie. She sent the boys these books at Christmas. I'm not sure why we are just now reading it, but is was wonderful. "In a Mississippi winter" is the name of the book. The author signed it to Jackson and there was a picture of Tracie's boys, Cody and Clay, with the author taped in the front. All of this should have been a clue, but we all know I am not very quick sometimes! Anyway, I am reading this book, and the whole time I am thinking "wow, really reminds me of Hattiesburg!" This is probably because the authors live in Hattiesburg. It made me miss Hattiesburg so much. I ask Jackson if he missed it too. He said no. Jordan does though. I don't think Jagger really remembers. Well, that is about it for now. All is good. I am kinda wishing for rain just so we can spend a day at home. I know-crazy!

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