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The Smith Family
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

As I sit here in Monkey Joe's, I start to wonder if this was a good idea. My head hurts slightly. We accomplished almost nothing on our errands today because I refused to stand in line forever to return something with three boys anxiously waiting to go to Monkey Joe's. So now here I sit with 4 kids that do not belong to me running circles around my chair as if they do. My children are such a blessing to me. Even when they are on my very last nerve. They are growing up so fast, and I am quickly becoming irritable at that thought. Really, where has the time gone? When Jagger was born, I knew that I wanted to watch every minute of him because the two older ones had grown so fast. I didn't want to miss one second of that sweet and obviously last baby. Yet here I sit today with a five year old. How is that possible? It is just so sad that they grow up so fast. Even sadder that my hubby won't give me just one more. He is a big boy now. That is what he told me at McD's earlier. He got the sprite "All by myself". I know they can not stay babies forever. I know that they do indeed have to grow up eventually. I know that life goes on and on and on. Does it really have to pass by so fast though? Think about 3-4 years Jordan will be driving a car by himself. If he keeps his grades in check, he will be graduating from high school in 5 years. Jackson will go to middle school in 3 years. He will be a teenager in 5 years. This all sounds like a long way off, but like I said...yesterday I had a brand new baby and today he is five years old...well that is how it seems. Five years goes by really, really fast. Almost in a blink of an eye. Makes me wonder where we will be tomorrow.

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's going to be a white Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's looks so beautiful out there with all the snow on the ground. I am finally finished with all my "duties" for the night. Praise that nothing was too hard for mom to handle. Everyone is asleep and I am watching A Christmas Story wishing that A Wonderful Life was on right now. Well, we can't have it all I suppose. Anyway, today was a really great Chirstmas Eve. The boys decorated cookies for Santa while I wrapped presents upstairs. They ate over a dozen of them while I wasn't looking, but at least I got all the gifts wrapped. It was well worth the 3 sugar highs I had to deal with later! We took the firemen there cookies and pumpkin breads. Jagger sat in the ladder truck and even got to turn the lights on this time. My little future fire fighter. We finally were able to open one gift...Jackson didn't know quit what to think when he asked today and I told him yes. He was expecting a no like every other day over the past 4 weeks. Just another reason I usually wait to put any presents under the tree until closer to Christmas. We fed the reindeer and sat out Santa's cookies and milk. It is all done. Now we just wait for old St. Nick! I love Chirstmas. I can't wait to see the excited smiles on their faces in the morning.

Let me leave you with a little bit of Jagger:

On the way to the fire dept, Jackson starts singing that song about how beer is good and people are crazy. Well I unfortunately say "Jackson, let's not sing songs about beer on Christmas Eve please." Yes, I am a hypocrite because two minutes after this conversation took place as we are about to pass the liquor store, I swing in to buy not one but two bottles of wine. Hey-they are closed tomorrow...anyway....Jordan says, "I don't like beer or wine." And sweet little Jagger pipes up "Well I LOVE beer and wine!!" Maybe it is time to become closet least for my children's sake.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

This is my favorite time of Christmas. All the parties, cookie and ornament exchanges, and gift shopping is over. Now it is time to relax and enjoy the Christmas season. Today was the first day of Christmas vacation. We have lounged around watching movies, baking cookies and I am hoping to get in a nap too. This is what it is all about. Spending time with the ones you love. Now if I can only get a certain little boy to quit begging to open just one gift everyday!!
Jackson had his Christmas party yesterday. I will admit I was a little stressed out about this one. On the teacher's suggestion, we had different stations at our party with cookie decorating, PB&J Reindeer sandwiches, lunch stackables and fruit kabobs, candy cane reindeer and reindeer food. It really went well...even when bags of reindeer food busted everyway. I have to say that I may even consider doing room mom again next year...maybe. Especially since my baby will be in KINDERGARTEN!!
It is so funny how fast time flies. I can't believe that we are about to be in the year 2011. I am looking forward to it though. The past few years have been so crazy for us. I know that we can't predict the future, but I hope that we are here to stay for awhile. We like it here in Hendersonville. We are making great friends. We have found a wonderful church full of great people. I miss Hattiesburg and the friends we made there and especially our church there, but for the first time since we left, I feel like we are at home. I am so happy with our life here. Hendersonville is a great area to raise a family, and it is close enough to go home occasionally. Life is good. God is good...all the time!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Brrrrr....It's cold outside!

Happy Birthday to my Mom today!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Glad we got to share a Starbuck's on your special day.
Today is a snow day. Our first of the school year and sure to not be our last!! The boys wanted to go outside to build a snowman. Well, there is no snowman because you can't build one in less than 20 minutes. Really, they were only out for 20 minutes. It took me longer than that to get them all bundled up to go out!!
Well, I just received the dreaded phone call. NO SCHOOL TOMORROW EITHER!!!
My favorite part of living in Sumner county is the 13 snow days they have built into their school schedule. Well, one down and 12 more to go. Why not just go ahead and give them the next 5 days before the Christmas holiday! So exciting!
Happy birthday to Bert's dad, Johnny, and to Tyler Porter too. Hope everyone has a blessed day. I am going to hibernate!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas 2010

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Friday, December 3, 2010

How the days fly by....

Really, where does the time go. It is so hard to believe that another month has come and gone. So just a quick little recap...
Happy Birthday Daddy!!
Happy Birthday Jagger!!
Happy Thanksgiving too!!
Those are the highlights. Jagger had a really great birthday day, and I think I did pretty well seeing how I threw it together in 3 days. We had it at the First Baptist Church here. They have a big indoor play area that the kids really loved. They have a separate party room with two hosts which mom really loved. I made a firetruck cake. It looked pretty good considering I am no cake boss! The best part in my opinion was the surprise visit by the firetruck. Jagger is loving all things fire dept related right now so this was really special for him. My pictures didn't turn out all that great because it was dark, but that doesn't matter because I am not posting them right now anyway! Those to come 6-8 months later...right?
What I am really excited about tonight...the reason that I am writing on my blog instead of making dinner or doing laundry or addressing these Christmas cards that have been sitting here for 2 our Santa pictures that were taken out at Rock Castle. So let me get them uploaded so you can enjoy them too. I am so glad that I the last take them because these turned out really awesome! Enjoy!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I forgot to tell you that I added new pics in the slide show above so be sure to check those out. The one of the boys and the dog dressed like a clown, that is Thomas. Thomas walks by our house everyday. Jagger loves Thomas. Nothing new here. He loved Duke and Buddy our neighbor dogs in Bowling Green. Anyway, if Jagger is outside when Thomas is taking his neighborhood stroll, he will asks to pet him. This afternoon Thomas came knocking on our door with 3 pumpkin buckets full of treats for the boys. How sweet is that. They love Thomas!

Fun, fun, fun

I have so much to talk about tonight. I don't even know where to begin! This has been a super busy week for us. After 2 doctor visits, 6 hours out of my days, and $150 dollars later, Jagger has been diagnosed with asthma. Poor thing still hasn't kicked the cough he has, but he has been a real trooper throughout this busy week. He is being pumped full of steroids and albuteral. They gave him a breathing treatment on Thursday's visit. Have you ever seen a child after a albuteral treatment? Have you ever seen Jagger on any given day? Can you imagine the product when the two are combined? He was like a bouncy ball...that would not stop. Thankfully, it only lasted about 2 hours so by the time we got home we both took a long nap to recover from our experience. Wednesday was his Pumpkin Bash. He dressed like a red power ranger. Yes, the costume we have owned for how many years now? Not the costume I just recently purchased him.

Friday was a super busy day too. Jackson's school does a costume parade before the party. It was big fun. The party was super awesome as well. Our room moms ROCK! Mrs. Swinger said it was the best party ever. Ok...let me just add that I am not the only room mom. Mrs. Daniella is super helpful. Not to mention the room full of parents that sent in everything on our list. We do have a great class. The only reason I feel like a rocked that is because I had goody bags made (from last years Target after Halloween sale), I ordered awesome Fox's Big Daddy pizza (with my smart card that was BOGO free), and I made a cool Halloween bingo game (that Mrs. Swinger liked so much she asked if she could laminate them). See...I rocked that day! I promise not to say the r-word for the rest of this post :)
That night we went to a really cool Halloween party that we were invited to by some new friends of the boys. I won't go into too much detail because these two moms would make me look like mediocre mom. There was all kinds of spooky foods, popcorn & cotton candy makers, games, and lots of goodies too. It was like a mini carnival! It was super cold, but lots of fun!!
Today was just another awesome mom day. (Hey-did I tell you about the nutrion lady who made me feel like the worst mom ever because I feed my kids too much mac n cheese? Ok-maybe it didn't go down exactly like that, but this entry is all about me...obviously...and how much I great a mom I am...even if it is only occasionally!) Anyway-our super busy 10th day in a row started with basketball camp this morning at 9 a.m. Jackson and Jagger will start playing BB the first week of December. Jagger's camp was today. He has never played BB before, and was a little apprehensive at first. Once it got started though, he was all about it. Trying really hard to do exactly as the coach said and getting as many words as he could in edgewise of course. Well, they started doing these drills. Dibble to the other side, do a jumping jack (which amazingly no little kid can seem to do) or circle the ball around your head, body, ankles (their arms are not quit long enough for this) or a crazy dance, then dribble back to start. They were on the last one, and these little kids were doing their version of a dance move. It was funny. Then it is Jagger's turn, and I am curious to see what crazy move he comes up with. He runs to center court (never dribbling because he really can't), puts the ball down, sits on his bottom, spins around 3 times, picks the ball up, and remembers to dribble right at the end. Huge smile across his face the whole time. Like he does this dance move everyday! I wish I had video taped that! After camp, we came home and by sheer miracle accomplished all our chores with minimal yelling. They were quick too. Then we finished up our super mom week at the fall festival down the street. They had 15 huge blow up house things, games, food, pony rides, hay rides, and goody bags when we left. All for free which Jordan couldn't seem to get past the whole time we were there. It has been a really great week. I hope my boys have had fun because daddy is off tomorrow, and super mom is taking a vacation! Well, I guess we have to trick or treat. So I will be taking my scary monsters, the Joker, and who knows what Jagger will be tomorrow. He was Batman today. I do know that it will not be Spiderman or blue Power Ranger. Those are at Grandma's for repairs. Speaking of Grandma's, I am very excited to go to Memphis this next weekend to see all my people. Maybe even sell a little CM and PC too!

Ok. Let me end with this from our very own comedian, Jagger Smith

It was very cold this morning so I went into the living room to turn on the gas logs. Getting them started is really hard sometimes, and I had to keep clicking the starter which is pretty loud especially when the whole house is quiet. I have been trying this for about ten minutes when I hear,

"Hey mom, can you keep in down. I am trying to sleep in here."

Monday, October 25, 2010

Smith Family Update

Maybe I can guarantee you an update at least once a month...Maybe!

Jackson turned 8!!!!!
Yes it is hard to believe that he is now 8 years old. He had a great birthday. A huge thank you to all of you that sent cards for his card birthday surprise. 34 birthday cards and $186 dollars later (not including the new shoes, shirts, stickers, goodies, beef jerky, binonculers). Yes, he was very surprised. Since his birthday fell right at the end of fall break, only two of his friends were able to come to his sleep over. These were his Bowling Green friends though so he was still very excited. We had a great night of pizza, birthday cookie, movies, and of course a whole lot of Playstation. In fact, I was awakened at 4:30 a.m. by a lot of loud talking and game playing!! I went to bed at 11 p.m. leaving Jordan in charge of turning the t.v. off when the movie was over. They said that they did turn the t.v. off and went to sleep. Ironically, they all woke up at the same time (4:30 a.m.)!! So of course the only obvious thing to do was to start playing the Playstation again...right? Well the only thing that matters is Jackson said he had a GREAT birthday!

Now we are just getting ready for Jagger's 5th birthday party. I have no idea where to have it or what to do. That is not from lack of discussing it on a daily basis either. He changes his mind everyday about what he wants for his birthday, where he wants to have it, and what theme he wants it to be. I am still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that my baby is turning 5 years old!!

Today is report card day. Jordan was officially grounded on Friday though thanks to the new parent portal that shows your grades early!! He was not happy, but hey, neither was I! The crazy thing is that his grades are not bad. All A's, one B and one C. The bad part is that he could have had all A's if he had just turned in homework instead of taking 4 zeros in each of those latter classes. Homework that he insist that he did. How crazy is that to work so hard actually doing your homework only to take a zero for not turning it in!!! Well, there is a bright side. He can get off on good behavior in 4 1/2 weeks if he brings home all A's on his progress report. I know this may seem crazy to some, but my point to Jordan is that he can do this. It comes easy to him to make good grades. Therefore, a C is unacceptable. A "B" is too if it is a half a point away from an "A" for that matter! Especially when all you have to do is turn in your homework.

Jackson was super proud of his report card. An A in Math (of course because this is his fav subject), and B's in Spelling and Language. He does need more practice in writing, but he absolutly hates to write. This also happens to be the reason why our thank you cards are coming along so slowly!! He also can't understand why Jordan can not be ungrounded because "he got 5 A's on his report card!" This will probably be their argument for the next 4.5 weeks...

Well, Jackson needs attention and Jagger needs more meds. (I forgot to mention that we went to the doctor today. He has bronchitis again.) There is also dinner to cook and more laundry to fold among a million other things I should be doing. I just want to leave you with this little bit of funny from Jagger the other day.

After I picked him up from school, we ran a couple of quick errands. It was a beautiful day, and I had been riding with the windows down about half way. Well Jagger didn't like the windows down. I think because it blows all that hair in his face, but anyway he had asked me to roll them up.
Him: "I have had a HARD day today!"
Me: "Really?"
Him: "Yes, mom. Today was Chloe's birthday. And we had messy cookies. And I sweated a LOT on the playground!"

Who can argue with that? Sounds like a hard day to me.

Have a happy and safe Halloween! This wicked witch will be taking the Wolf Ninja, the Joker, and 2 very freaky dead zombies to trick or treat.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where does the time go?

Wow! It is hard to believe that it has been almost a month since my last update. Time just seems to fly by these days. Today was the 1st annual Warrior Walk for Indian Lake Elem. Jackson was so pumped. He told everyone that he was going to complete 100 laps. They had 50 minutes to run/walk an 8th of a mile track. Jackson, Ian, and Mason were competing to get the most laps of course. Jackson came in 3rd with 34 laps! Way to go Jackson. After the run, they had a popsicle break before resuming class. This is the conversation between the 3 boys. Ian says, "Mason is the fastest runner (with 38 laps), and I am the second fastest runner (with 34 laps), and Jackson is the third fastest runner in the class!" Jackson says, "No, I am the fastest runner in the class. I just chose to walk some of my laps. That is why I don't have as many." So competitive. It was really fun though, and I think it is great that ALL the money goes to the school. What a great idea.

Labor Day Weekend
We all recieved a little surprise on Friday. My mom and Julie were coming in town for Jackson's last Saturday game. They stayed until Sunday. Jackson had an awesome game scoring not one, but two touchdowns. The Steelers won again, and Jackson was excited that so many people were there to see it. We all had lunch after the game, and then some had a quick nap before we went to the park. We took the Jackson and Jagger (Jordan had a birthday party at Circus World) to Kids Kingdom because Jackson had brought home a flyer about a free family event there. My boys love this park anyway because the playground is like a castle. The event was a foam fountain and then a movie. I had no idea what a foam fountain was, but let me tell you it is the coolest thing I have ever seen. The boys had a blast. The firetruck turned on its water. The water went through this mesh net filled with something like dish soap. Out came the BUBBLES!! Tons and tons of bubbles. Literally a foam fountain. It was awsome! The boys were totally soaked, but loving it. Until it came time for the movie. They were having technical difficulties so at 8pm when the movie still had not started, we took our little popsicles home. They were freezing. Note to self: Bring them a change of clothes next time. At least the beach bag was still in the truck with nice warm towels.
Bert's brother, Dean, Kelly and the boys were in town to see Thomas the train. His sister,Mandy and Brian were here for the day. (Bert and the boys saw her, but I didn't because I told her to come on over, and then I forgot about her and left to go to the zoo! Sorry again Mandy!) Bert's dad, Johnny and his new wife June (yes Johnny and June to cute) were also in town. Very busy weekend, but it was great. We had a great afternoon Sunday at the zoo. Mom and Julie stayed for awhile and then headed back to Memphis. Dean, Kelly, Bert, all the boys, and I hung out there until it closed. Then we all went downtown for icecream. It was great watching the cousins hang out with each other. I miss that for our boys. I grew up seeing ALL of my cousins for EVERY holiday, birthday, or during hunting season of course! So it is really special when my boys get to have that even for a little while. It was a great weekend. Long and exhausting, but fun just the same.

The Thursday before Labor Day was the night of the Saints game. Bert and the boys had a great time. I enjoyed a little peace and quiet! All Jagger could talk about is the food. He had a hotdog and a sprite. Then he and dad shared some fries. He is a MESS!

It has been a really long two weeks, and I am looking forward to getting a little break. Before I know it, fall break will be here, and we will be running around again. I will try to post pictures soon. I guess I need to go. The AC guys are here to put in a new unit so we can have it nice and cold again....right before we turn it off and turn on the fire place!Have a great week!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thinking of you today and everyday.

When I come to the end of the road
And the sun has set for me
I want no rites in a gloom filled room
Why cry for a soul set free!
Miss me a little – But not too long
And not with your head bowed low
Remember the love we once shared
Miss me – But let me go!

For this is a journey we all must take
And each must go alone
It’s all a part of the Master’s plan
A step on the road to home
When you are lonely and sick at heart
Go to the friends we know
And bury your sorrows in doing good deeds
Miss me – But let me go!

I love you Grandma.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

She does exist!!

When church was over and we were going up the stairs to find Jordan, I hear "Mommy, that's Jagger, that's Jagger!" So I look at my 4 year old and with the biggest smile across his face, he says "Yep, that's Sarah." She is a very sweet little girl with long dirty blonde hair and a cute pink dress. (Exactly how my daughter would look if I had one!) He was so excited to tell me at lunch all about Sunday School class, and what he and Sarah played. He asked Sarah if she wanted to come to his pool party, and she said not today which is good because we really don't have a pool, and I am really not planning a party. I am just very happy that Sarah was there, that she does attend that church, and that maybe next Sunday we will not go through the hang to my leg for dear life routine because Sarah might be there! So yes, she does exist...and she seems to be as smitten with my little boy as he is with her! To bad he, like Jordan, has an arranged marriage already planned by his mother:)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Look

I will never admit to how long I have been working on this new look for our blog, but I love it. I hope you do too because it is probably going to be this way forever!!
I thought this week would never end. I was excited school started, but 6am comes way too early for me. I couldn't wait for Saturday so I could sleep in. Then my alarm goes off at 6am!! Yes, I forgot to turn it off so I laid in bed until 7. So much for sleeping in. School seems to be going well for the boys. Jordan is liking 7th grade. (I still can not believe he is in the 7th grade!) Jackson really loves 2nd grade. He is still mad at me though for making him wear his glasses everyday. I am glad that he is only slightly near sighted, but it sure would be easier if he actually needed his glasses to see all the time. Then maybe he wouldn't fight me so hard about wearing them. Jagger loves, loves preschool. I have to say I am really impressed with the school already myself. His teacher, Mrs. Brandy, is too sweet, and she is so good with the kids. God has blessed her with the teaching talent for sure. He had so much fun his first day and was a little disappointed on Thursday when he learned that he didn't have to go back until Monday! He doesn't even mind taking naps and wearing tennis shoes as long as he gets to go back.
I finally pulled out all the stuff for the consignment sale. That is it...I have just pulled it out. Nothing else. If I sale all this stuff, someone better do something about making "no more babies" permanent. Or it better be a girl. Well I need to get to consigning so I can guarantee that I will get pregnant and it will be a boy because that is how life works...right?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beech Bend

What a day we had. Who would have ever thought we would make it 8 hours at an amusement/water park. The funny thing is...the entire day seemed to fly by!! We picked up Amy, Ryan, Casey, and Evan that morning and arrived around 10AM. We rode most of the amusement park rides first so we could cool off in the water after lunch. Our friend, Melody and her two boys, Collin and Cade, happen to run into us that morning too. I bet we were a sight. Three women with 8 boys trying to run in 5 different directions. We had so much fun though. We had a picnic lunch, lounged in the lazy river, fought the waves, and rode more rides. Jagger rode a roller coaster! The Wild Mouse, which became his favorite ride. Jordan liked the round and round rides. I realized from the start that I can no longer do those rides...I can't even watch them! Jackson said every ride was his favorite. I think the Kentucky Rumbler roller coaster was my favorite. The best part was the last ride of the day. Everyone picked their favorites and rode them one last time. Amy, Melody, and I chose the Rumbler. Amy kept joking with Jackson about her being a screamer all day. Before that last ride Jackson asked Melody if he could ride with her because Amy and I screamed too much. So Amy and I sat side by side and screamed together....We had a blast!

On a sadder note, we lost our beloved Flippers yesterday. He was a sweet little turtle. Jordan was very close to him and is taking it the hardest. He will be missed terribly, but we will NOT be replacing him. Bert took him back today to be buried on his home ground (the dealership where he was found). I am very thankful for my husband taking care of this very difficult task for me. When I put him in the cup this morning he just looked like he was sleeping. So sweet. Farewell our turtle friend.

School starts tomorrow, and I am so excited. Now my children will have something to do and somewhere to go everyday of the week. They will no longer have to whine about not being out and about every minute of everyday because they are so bored. I am also excited to get back into some sort of routine again...hopefully. I think Aunt Mallory is coming next weekend for a quick shopping visit. Uncle Dean and Aunt Kelly, Kenny Dean and Vance Parker are coming for a visit too around Labor Day! We look forward to having company because we don't have it often. Then there is the consignment sale, and preschool for Jagger. Busy but fun times ahead. Good luck to you all on your first days of school!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer, football, school, turtles, and girlfriends!

Yes, I know, once again it has been too long. Summer has flown by. The boys went to Memphis a few days before I did. Bert and I had a really great time just the two of us. We went downtown, listen to music, and I got new boots! Yes, me. Cowboy boots. Hard to picture, huh. Well you will have to wait until winter to see them because it is too hot to be wearing boots right now. (Spoken like a true none cowboy boot wearing girl huh!) I went to Memphis at the end of June for Hannah's 5th birthday (so hard to believe!) It was great to see everyone. I spent a lot of time with my sister and my dad. We went hiking through the woods at midnight the first night I was there. We went down to the land that we grew up on. No one has lived there in many years so it is completely overgrown. I think I only went to prove that I am no longer a scaredy cat. Guess what? I'm not. Well I won't fill you in on all the details, but I will tell you that it was really fun. Just me, my dad, and my sister. The only thing that freaked me out was the two ticks I found crawling on me later!
Anyway, it was a fun trip. I enjoyed all of it. Hannah came home with us for a few days. I miss that beautiful little girl so much. She is starting Kindergarten in a few days. Wish I could be there to see her off.
So here we are a month after that. I have been sick with some weird rash which Jagger got too. Jackson got sick last week with sore throat, earaches, fever. So now that we are all better, school is about to start. We have been busy getting ready. Our turtle, Flippers, is doing well. Thriving in his little habitat outside. Bert put him out while we were in Memphis because his water was staying too cold in the house. He loves it out there, and he is getting so big. Not sure what we are going to do when it starts getting colder. Speaking of weather...geez it is hot!! Really hot. I always thought summer was my favorite season. I am now sure that it is spring and fall!
Yesterday Jackson had his first flag football game. He was so pumped. He pulled the first flag of the game, which was a big deal. The really great part was the end though. 2 seconds left in the 4th quarter with 20 yards to go. The ball is passed to Jackson, and he takes it all the way for a TOUCHDOWN! Final score 28-0. Go Steelers! He is still on cloud nine. It was awesome, and I got it all on video which scored me a few brownie points!
Jagger is starting preschool in two weeks, and he is not excited for two reasons. #1 He doesn't want to take naps at school, and was not pleased with the nap mat I bought. #2 He can't wear flip flops (which is all the kid wears). He doesn't want to wear tennis shoes. Fun times ahead. On a brighter note, he met a little girl at VBS named Sarah, and he can't seem to quit talking about her. Just one story, but he tells me everyday. Sarah thinks he is silly. He told her he had a pool at his house and she said "You're so silly Jagger." It is the way he says it though. Too cute. He is a mess. Getting too big too fast.
Jordan, well not too much to report with him. He thinks he is grown. I was talking to mom the other day about him. She says he is so much like me. I told her she should have smacked me in my mouth more! It is crazy all the times I have needed to call my mom to apologize. Really, it does come back 10 fold. So much for thinking I was a perfect little angel. One thing I know for sure. I was sweeter than my sister so Lord help her now!!! She is in BIG trouble.
So I guess for now that is it. This is going to be a busy month. School starts on Wed. so I told the boys we would go to Beech Bend one day. I signed up to consign for Little Angels Attic so I have less than 5 weeks to get all that together. Bert got tickets to take the boys to a pre-season game at the Titans stadium when they play the Saints. And me, well, I am going to try to get my head straightened out. Like blogging and scrapbooking and going to the gym and cleaning the house. All the things that I seem to have slowly stopped taking interest in, I want to get the passion for those things back. Because I have a great life with some really amazing boys and a super handsome, loving husband. I have been blessed, and I know this. I just need to start showing it!

I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. Psalm 40:1-2

Finished reading Beth Moore's Get Out of that Pit. Really good book.

Just in from Jagger "Is one toe suppose to be bigger than the other toe?"
Me "Yes it is"
Jagger "Well that is good because I have two really big toes on both of my feet."

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Smith Family Update

I am so sorry that once again it has been months. My spirits seem to be lifting. The weather is nicer...well not today with all the rain and tornado warnings, but it has been nice. We seem to be settling well here in Hendersonville. Jackson and Jagger are playing soccer and loving it. Jackson is definitly our sports player. I have to tell you this because he makes me tell everyone. Last Monday night at practice the coach put 5 on 1. And the one WON! He is good. I would say that even if he wasn't mine! Jagger has moved on from his dragon. We don't hear much about him anymore. At least Lion Warrior is here to keep him company. And just today Dr. Claiborne came by to play with him and Evan. Jordan is doing very well. Just coming off a 4 week grounding for having 4 C's (a couple to close to D range). His progress reports all grades but one has improved. Wish I could say the same about his attitude. Why does he think he is grown? Better yet, why does he think he knows more than we do? URGGG! On a different note, we have added another member to our family! He is a red eared slider turtle. I feel so smart. I had to look that up by pictures. He is so tiny. Bert found him at the dealership when he was leaving last night. He won't eat right now, but all we had was lettuce. Maybe he doesn't like lettuce. Now we have to make him a home...I am pretty sure he can not live forever in the extra large ziplock container bowl he is in now. I guess a turtle is better than a lizard or snake or even a dog right now. So that about wraps it up. See...nothing really happens around here, so you haven't missed much. I won't even promise to do better this time. When I finally take the time to read the manual to my new camara, I will try to post some new pics. Until then, take care and know that I do miss you all and think about you often. Now on to more pressing things like laundry and dinner...YAY!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Resolutions....yeah right!

OK. My birthday resolution was to get up this morning and blog. It is now 9:19 PM so I will make this short and sweet (because I have been up since 6!) Today was a great day. I watched the sun rise...almost. But it was awesome. My friend Amy came to see me today. What did I call you...patiently persistent?!? You are great and I thank God for you each day. I had a great time eating and shopping and hanging out...and holding baby Trevor too! Then we went to BR for an ice cream cake that we just finished eating...AWESOME. We also went to the Mexican restaurant for dinner where my family sang Happy Birthday which was too sweet and conjured "Happy Birthday Mom" from other patrons as well. I had a Margarita or three which were delicious. Then we came home and played games which the boys now have Monopoly set up to play, but unfortunately I am done for the night. So that sums up today. I know I have a lot of catching up to do, but I wanted to put something out there to complete my birthday resolutions so there...I am done...Good night and Happy Birthday to ME!!
P.S. Mom and Jessica and Hannah Jo come tomorrow. So excited!!!

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