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The Smith Family
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where does the time go?

Wow! It is hard to believe that it has been almost a month since my last update. Time just seems to fly by these days. Today was the 1st annual Warrior Walk for Indian Lake Elem. Jackson was so pumped. He told everyone that he was going to complete 100 laps. They had 50 minutes to run/walk an 8th of a mile track. Jackson, Ian, and Mason were competing to get the most laps of course. Jackson came in 3rd with 34 laps! Way to go Jackson. After the run, they had a popsicle break before resuming class. This is the conversation between the 3 boys. Ian says, "Mason is the fastest runner (with 38 laps), and I am the second fastest runner (with 34 laps), and Jackson is the third fastest runner in the class!" Jackson says, "No, I am the fastest runner in the class. I just chose to walk some of my laps. That is why I don't have as many." So competitive. It was really fun though, and I think it is great that ALL the money goes to the school. What a great idea.

Labor Day Weekend
We all recieved a little surprise on Friday. My mom and Julie were coming in town for Jackson's last Saturday game. They stayed until Sunday. Jackson had an awesome game scoring not one, but two touchdowns. The Steelers won again, and Jackson was excited that so many people were there to see it. We all had lunch after the game, and then some had a quick nap before we went to the park. We took the Jackson and Jagger (Jordan had a birthday party at Circus World) to Kids Kingdom because Jackson had brought home a flyer about a free family event there. My boys love this park anyway because the playground is like a castle. The event was a foam fountain and then a movie. I had no idea what a foam fountain was, but let me tell you it is the coolest thing I have ever seen. The boys had a blast. The firetruck turned on its water. The water went through this mesh net filled with something like dish soap. Out came the BUBBLES!! Tons and tons of bubbles. Literally a foam fountain. It was awsome! The boys were totally soaked, but loving it. Until it came time for the movie. They were having technical difficulties so at 8pm when the movie still had not started, we took our little popsicles home. They were freezing. Note to self: Bring them a change of clothes next time. At least the beach bag was still in the truck with nice warm towels.
Bert's brother, Dean, Kelly and the boys were in town to see Thomas the train. His sister,Mandy and Brian were here for the day. (Bert and the boys saw her, but I didn't because I told her to come on over, and then I forgot about her and left to go to the zoo! Sorry again Mandy!) Bert's dad, Johnny and his new wife June (yes Johnny and June to cute) were also in town. Very busy weekend, but it was great. We had a great afternoon Sunday at the zoo. Mom and Julie stayed for awhile and then headed back to Memphis. Dean, Kelly, Bert, all the boys, and I hung out there until it closed. Then we all went downtown for icecream. It was great watching the cousins hang out with each other. I miss that for our boys. I grew up seeing ALL of my cousins for EVERY holiday, birthday, or during hunting season of course! So it is really special when my boys get to have that even for a little while. It was a great weekend. Long and exhausting, but fun just the same.

The Thursday before Labor Day was the night of the Saints game. Bert and the boys had a great time. I enjoyed a little peace and quiet! All Jagger could talk about is the food. He had a hotdog and a sprite. Then he and dad shared some fries. He is a MESS!

It has been a really long two weeks, and I am looking forward to getting a little break. Before I know it, fall break will be here, and we will be running around again. I will try to post pictures soon. I guess I need to go. The AC guys are here to put in a new unit so we can have it nice and cold again....right before we turn it off and turn on the fire place!Have a great week!

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