The Smith Family

The Smith Family
April 2008

Wilderness at the Smokies

Monday, July 9, 2012

I has been almost a year.  All I can say is we have been B-U-S-Y!  So here is a little recap with pictures.....
Jagger got glasses...and a new friend!!

My Hubby (my fave pic)

The Dragons and the Black championship this year, but no major injuries either!

Daddy was able to be here for a few of our games.  We miss him so much!!

Jagger, Ranger and Prezton
Last day of School

Goodbye Kindergarten!
Thanks Ms. Anglea for a fabulous first year!!

Adios Third Grade!
Mrs. Dillon rocked!!

Dirt bike fun..or heart attacks for Mom?!?

Definitely heart attacks!

Our first fishing trip!
Thanks for taking me Pepaw!!

Jagger caught the biggest fish of the day and here's the proof!
Thanks again Pepaw...for holding it for me:-)

Jackson, Owen, Ella and Megan

Nonnie and the boys

Off to camp for the very first time. 
CentriKid 2012

I know this only gives you a glimpse of what we have been up to here at the Smith house.  Jordan went to camp as well this summer.  They both had a great time.  Jagger and I had a fun time here just the two of us.  We played Phase10 (card game) EVERY day.  Thank you Blayne Blayne for teaching me how to play!!  Which reminds me that my Blayne came to stay a few days with me.  It was great not to be the only girl!  I miss here dearly.  We have actually had lots of company this year.  Everyone is trying to get their Nashville trip in before it is too late!  Last won't be much longer!!  I'm ready too.  I'm very ready to have my sweet hubby home with me every night.  I miss him so much.   Till next time....

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