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The Smith Family
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

God is soooo good!!

Disaster averted...again! Isn't it amazing how God works things out for us? So why do we do so much worrying and stressing over issues that He is going to take care of anyway? My husband is probably asking me these same questions right now. He has ALWAYS said that everything will work out...and he has been right every time. I know this, and I am still excellent at worrying about everything!! Are you curious to know just what disaster I am talking about now? Well, a couple of weeks ago the refrigerator filter busted and flooded half the kitchen overnight. The water seeped under the floor soaking our bedroom carpet and the hardwood floor in the hallway. The landlord decided this week to claim it on his insurance so the claims adjuster came out yesterday. The carpet in our room needs to be replaced and ALL of the hardwood floors (or they would not match). The hardwood runs under the cabinets so the entire kitchen must be gutted to replace the floors. So for the past 24 hours, I have been going out of my mind with unneccesary worries. We would have to move out for an extended time, our belongings would be left to be moved around by strangers, what about school, what about staying in a hotel with 3 kids and a husband for a long period of time, get the idea right. Oh, also, the landlord wanted to replace all the flooring at one time so it would match so we are not talking about one room...more like the entire house!!! Well, long story short, we agreed this morning for him to wait until we have moved out to replace any floors. We aren't planning on being here that much longer, and if God has different plans on that, we will just cross that bridge when we get to it! God has really been working in our lives lately, and many changes are coming about because of those plans He has for us. I am thankful for this reminder this morning that He is in complete control, and He will work everything out according to His purpose. I am also very thankful for a hubby who brings me back down to earth whenever I begin to float away in my hot air balloon of worries:)
To my husband: As if God hasn't proved himself faithful enough over the past 5 years, He continues to do so stronger than ever now. Being worried about certain family members, you have really been there for me even if it meant giving me a dose of truth that was extremely painful. I promise not to worry about any decisions that need to be made in the future. I trust that your heart is right where it needs to be. God is opening doors all around us. It is not luck or chance that you are where you are...or even that you have been where you have been for that matter. Isn't it amazing to see the things that God has done in our life opening up new opportunities now? How the pieces fall perfectly into place? All we have to do is keep trusting in Him for only He knows the plans He has for us! I know...this is easier for you than me, but I will do better!

On a little different note, last night at the dinner table Jagger asks if Marley can come to his house. She wants to bring her doll. He would like for her to spend the night so he can show her all of his stuffed animals. Jackson asked him if she was his girlfriend. He said no, but the look on his face suggested a different story. Sweet, right?

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  1. Glad you are blogging again. I read this and realize how much I miss out on in your life now that you are "so far away". I miss you!


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